Why Corporate America is like the Fanatical Religious Right

Why Corporate America is like the Fanatical Religious Right


Perhaps because corporate management is so aloof of what it does, so hostile to the people who do the actual work of their institution and uncomprehending of the needs of the job at hand, that they are leaders without value or meaningful purpose. They are afforded huge compensation and reward that suggest value where none actually exists. They are, in a word, frauds. Like fanatical right wing religion offering promises and twaddle in exchange for enormous profits, power and status, the corporate elite of this gilded age put most of their work into self-justification: PR, messaging, branding, packaging, promising, deflecting, influencing. They offer a tome of flimflam, and their closest relatives are snake oil salesmen of an old-school bible-thumping traveling huckster. They believe this is hard work, on a par with the kind of talent that goes into getting the actual job actually done. The only reason it’s hard work is because the gap between what they say and what they do is a chasm requiring the linguistic equivalent of martial arts to achieve. That energy would be better spent on actually doing rather than managing.


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