“The Public sector is bad. The Private Sector is good.”

The idea that government is incompetent, dangerous, generally evil, and only private enterprise can save it — that premise is a big crock. Not to say the governments the world over, the US included, have spotless resumes with nothing to atone for. Far from it. But the notion that the public institutions need to be dismantled for the world to be run by the private companies – that is one big fat crock. And that crock is chock full of all variety of sorry ideas: Regulation is bad, taxes are bad, raises are not necessary, your financial problems are your own fault, large banks are a sign of success, healthcare can’t be regulated, Wall Street left alone will make our economy strong, the free market fixes everything.

This crock comes to you from Corporate America. Nothing makes them happier than getting you to take for granted that what they do is good for you. The truth is Corporate America is obligated first and foremost to make profits. It’s structurally selfish and monomaniacal about that. That intense self-interest might at times be of benefit to you, but more frequently it’s not. As large corporations become increasingly powerful, their commitment to and awareness of anything outside of their bottom line decreases. They become less beholden to the world around them as they focus ever more dutifully on the levers of power, control of resources, and commitment to profits.

Corporations are not intrinsically good. Some are. Plenty aren’t, and the more they clamor to get your approval, they less committed they are to actually earning it.

The goal of Corporate Shenanigans is to capture what works and what doesn’t about the currently state of Corporate America under the assumption that what happens in our business institutions has a significant impact on the country – and the world we live in. And what we need it to have more than anything right now is a kick in the pants with our boot print on it.

Share your stories — about your service provider, your phone company, your employer, any company big and small that really gets your goat.


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